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Leather saddlebag for Royal Enfield

Side leather saddlebag for Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet. This discreet saddlebag is handcrafted at our workshop.  It enables you to transport some objetcs and matches well with the distinguished retro look of your Royal Enfield. 

The mounting of this part requires that you drill your original battery cover. All the necessary stainless steel screwing is supplied.

195 €

Scrambler Royal Enfield front fender

Front mudguard for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic. Less enveloping than the original one, it will give a great trial / off road look to your motorcycle. It's perfect to visually lighten the front of it. 

It's available in polished raw aluminium only. Comes with its stainless steel fixations brackets / stays.

Measurements : 11cm wide, 67,5cm long. 

165 €

Scrambler Royal Enfield rear fender / mudguard

Rear mudguard for Royal Enfield Classic. Perfect to give your bike a trial / off road look and lighten it. 

This rear fender comes with its black support that replaces the original part. It's available in polished aluminium finish only.

195 €

Leather saddle for Royal Enfield Classic - Aged brown

Royal Enfield Classic leather seat. It keeps the comfort and shape of your original seat, with an additional touch of chic leather. This saddle is created on the base of an high quality seat pan that will resist over the time.

It's available in aged brown, gold, black or red leather. It comes without springs or fixation, just to replace your original seat.

399 €

Leather pillion seat for Royal Enfield Classic

Leather pillion for Royal Enfield Classic, necessary to bring a passenger on your motorcycle. It's available with its painted fixation support compatible with your motorcycle, or as leather pillion only to be assembled on your original fixation system.

It's handcrafted at our workshop, available 4 leather colors. The finish available suit the originals Royal Enfield paintings color. 

255 €

Rear rack for Royal Enfield

Rear rack for Royal Enfield Classic. This steel rear carrier is perfect to bring some stuff while travelling on your Royal Enfield. Easy to install, it's discreet and can be removed. 

Rear rack dimensions :  315mm x 210mm. Available in black epoxy painting only. 

135 €

Leather gas tank strap for Royal Enfield

Leather gas tank strap / belt, for Royal Enfiel Bullet and Classic. It gives a distinguished look to your motorcycle. 

Handcrafted at our workshop, it's available in black, aged brown and gold leather colors so it perfectly suits your motorcycle.

It's adjustable thanks to strap and a simple steel buckle.

145 €

Leather gas tank strap for Royal Enfield - Gold leather

Leather gas tank strap / belt, for Royal Enfiel Bullet and Classic (with Euro 4 approval - From 2017). It gives a distinguished classic look to your motorcycle. 

Handcrafted at our workshop, it's available in black, aged brown, ruby and gold leather colors so it perfectly suits your motorcycle.

It's adjustable thanks to strap and a simple steel buckle, and easy to assemble on the bike.

145 €

Exhaust line for Royal Enfield EFI (Euro 4)

Low exhaust system for Royal Enfield Bullet et Classic EFI (including Euro IV standard ones). Manufactured out of steel, it's shorter and lighter than the stock exhaust and offers a better sound without reasonance. 

The exhaust baffle is removable. It's available in Chromed or Brushed finish.

345 €

Royal Enfield Scrambler exhaust line

Scrambler exhaust line for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic. Manufactured out of steel, it's lighter and shorter than the original one and offers a better sound. 

The exhaust baffle is removable. It comes with an aluminium side cover to replace your original one. 

345 €

Headlight grid for Royal Enfield

Headlight trim ring with protection grid, for Royal Enfield Classic or Bullet. Perfect to protect your headlight and give your motorcycle a great off road scrambler look. 

Easy to assemble in place of your original headlight trim ring.

Available in black only. 190mm diameter.

35 €

Performance air filter for Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic air filter. This air filter offers a better filtration to your engine, and improves the look of our motorcycle. 

It's easily removable to get washed and keep all its qualities. Comes with a stainless steel fixation collar.

19,95 €

Scrambler chromed handlebars

Scrambler chromed handlebars, 22mm diameter. Made out of steel, it offers a better finish level than most of the original handlebars. It's high and has a good pullback / swipe to the rider, which gives a better driving position and comfort. 

With its central bar, it will offer a real scrambler look to your motorcycle.

65 €

Street Bar handlebar with leather protection

Street Bar handlebar with crossbar and leather / foam protection. This handlebar has a 22mm diameter for the grips and 28,6mm diameter for the clamps. Its design offers a confortable riding position. It's only available in satin black powder coat painting. 

Can be provided with optional BAAK aluminium handlebar clamps.

160 €


Tracker Bar, made out of steel. This Tracker type handlebar has Ø28,6mm clamping diameter and Ø22mm controls diameter. It's 790mm wide. It offers much pullback to the rider which offers a combortable riding position. 

It's available in satin black finish only.

115 €

Aluminium handlebar clamps

Machined aluminium handlebar clamps for motorcycle. These risers are available in 22mm diameter, 28,6mm diameter or 1 inch diameter (25,4mm) diameter, it's lighter and elegant. The clamps are satin black powder coat painted, and come with stainless steel screwing.

Designed and manufactured at BAAK's workshop.

135 €

Leather cables guide

Leather cable guide. This strap enables you to fasten you cables, or tie it together to your handlebar. If just like us, your motorcycle's finish is part of your obsessions, this cable guide is perfect for your project. 

Available in Aged brown, Black, Gold or Ruby leather. Available in 85mm, 105mm, 120mm or 135mmlenght. 20mm wide. 

Doesn't come in pairs.

8 €

Leather cell phone mount - Aged brown

Universal cell phone mount made out of leather. This tiny bag is design to be assembled on your motorcycle handlebar. It enables you watch and use your smartphone while riding has its front transparent surface is touch sensitive. It gets closed thanks to a velcro that makes it easy to connect the phone cable while riding.

Available in Aged brown, Black, Ruby or Gold genuine leather.

145 €

2win shocks for Royal Enfield

Aluminium shock absorbers for Royal Enfield. These shocks are adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic. Each click of the knob changes the setting of hydraulic compression and relaxation simultaneously.

It will offer a better shock absorption and a great look to your ride.

Available in original size for Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Continental GT. Sold in pairs.

420 €

Silicone fork gaiters for Royal Enfield

Silicone fork gaiters for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic. MAnufactured in an high quality silicone, these fork gaiters will not lose their color and flair. It will give a great off road look to your motorcycle.

Comes in pairs with their compatible caps and fixation collars.

39 €

Monza gas cap

Monza gas tank cap for Royal Enfield. The timeless design of this Monza cap will perfectly suit your gas tank thanks to our adapter. 

The full kit is composed of the polished aluminium gas cap, the seal, the necessary screwing and the adapter. It only suits the Royal Enfield Bullet / Classic / Continental GT with Euro 4 approval (from 2017).

Beware of poor quality copies.

129 €

Engine protection for Royal Enfield

Sump guard for Royal Enfield, made out of aluminium. This 5mm thick aluminium engine protection comes with all the fixation hardware to be assembled on a Royal Enfield Classic / Bullet 500. 

Available in brushed raw finish only, it offers a better look and highly protects your engine againsts projections. 

79 €

Aluminium wheels for Royal Enfield

Pair of rims and spokes for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic EFI. Available only in 21' for the front and 18' for the rear , these circles to be radiated on your original hubs enable you get lighter wheels and a trial look. 

The rims are made out of alloy, the spokes are stainless steel.

Comes in pair pairs.

440 €

Side license plate support for Royal Enfield

Side license plate support for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic. It comes with its taillight and license plate lightning, and gets assembled on the left shock absorber axis to visually lighten the tail of your bike. 

This support comes with a plug & play wiring harness so you can assemble it easily on your Royal Enfield. 

115 €

Handlebar grips

Left and right handlebar grips Renegade, produced by Biltwell for character motorcycle. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm. Comes in pairs.

18 €

Handlebar grips

Thruster left and right handlebar grips produced by Biltwell motorcycles. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Available in black and brown. Comes in pairs.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm.

18 €

Under handlebar mirror

Mini black Ø8cm mirror especially designed to be mounted below the handlebar in lower position. A very discreet look and a good visibility with its wide angle glass.

Available in Ø8mm through shaft version, or with adapter for 22mm handlebars. 

Sold individually. Fit both left and right sides, available in satin black only. 

34 €

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