Leather cable guides

Leather cable guides

Leather cable guide. This strap enables you fasten your cables, or tie it together to your handlebars. If just like us, your motorcycle's finish is part of your obsessions, this cable guide is perfect for your project. 

Available in Aged brown, Black and Gold leather. Available in 80mm, 90mm, 115mm or 130mm length. Each strap is 20mm wide. 

Sold as a unit, not in pairs. 

Availability :
6.67 € ex. VAT


Diameters correspondance of the cables guides: 

  • 80mm : closed length 60mm, for Ø20mm
  • 90mm : closed length 73mm, for Ø25mm
  • 115mm : closed length 95mm, for Ø30mm
  • 130mm : closed length 110mm, for Ø35mm

Depending on the weather conditions of your country, an intensive exposure to the sunlight requires to regularly maintain your leather goods.