Carpet mats for Citroën Méhari or Eden

Carpet mats for Citroën Méhari or Eden

Add a touch of elegance to your Citroën Méhari or Eden with this high-quality carpet mat.
Made from durable loop pile fabric and lined with a rubber sole, it offers optimum protection and superior comfort.

Each set includes front and rear mats.
Easy to install, this carpet fits all Mehari models, whatever their vintage.

Made in France

Availability :  approx. 30 manufacturing days
462.50 € ex. VAT
approx. 30 manufacturing days


The carpet mat for Citroën Méhari or Eden is the essential accessory for enhancing your vehicle's interior while protecting it effectively. Made from high-quality loop pile carpet, this mat is lined with a sturdy rubber sole for added durability. The fabric border adds an elegant finishing touch, completing your car's refined look.

The rubber sole also gives the set substantial weight, ensuring that the mat won't buckle, move or fly away, even on hectic journeys. Each set includes front and rear mats, specifically designed to fit all Mehari models perfectly, regardless of their year of manufacture. This universal compatibility facilitates installation and ensures complete floor coverage, protecting against wear and soiling.

When you choose this carpet, you're opting for a product made in France, guaranteeing high quality and authentic craftsmanship. Transform your driving experience into a luxurious and stylish one with this essential accessory.

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