Citroën Méhari or Eden hood straps kit

Citroën Méhari or Eden hood straps kit

These straps, far more noble than the original nylon ones, add a plush contrast to your vehicle. Made from double vegetable-tanned, water-resistant leather, they combine durability and aesthetics.

Supplied with stainless steel screws for easy installation, they're the ideal choice for a touch of sophistication.

Sold in pairs
Made in France.

Availability :  approx. 30 manufacturing days
75.00 € ex. VAT
approx. 30 manufacturing days


Leather hood straps for Citroën Méhari or Eden are designed for those seeking elegance and sturdiness. An ideal replacement for original nylon straps, these double vegetable-tanned leather accessories are not only aesthetically pleasing but also water-resistant, guaranteeing exceptional longevity. The high-quality leather used adds a touch of refinement to your vehicle, transforming its appearance while ensuring optimum functionality.

Supplied with stainless steel screws, these straps are easy to install, allowing you to enhance the look of your Citroën Mehari or Eden in no time. Whether you want to restore your vehicle or simply improve its details, these leather straps are a wise choice. Each strap is carefully crafted in France, demonstrating incomparable craftsmanship.

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