Universal Bates headlight / integrated speedometer

Universal Bates headlight / integrated speedometer

This Bates headlight with Tiny integrated speedometer is the right way to lighten your machine cockpit while keeping all original features of a speedometer. The mini speedometer shows the total daily mileage, LED indicator, oil pressure, high beam and neutral. Button operation speedometer integrates discreetly the casing of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is ø150mm, it's equipped with a ø53mm speedometer.

Speedometer finish
Availability : within 38 days - manufacturing on order
375.00 € ex. VAT


The speedometer is the Tiny model manufactured by Motogadget in Germany. The product comes with a speed sensor, its bulb (H4 12V 60/55 W) and installation instructions.

It's approved according to the EU standards.