Carpet kit for Austin Mini (1967-2000)

Carpet kit for Austin Mini (1967-2000)

Carpets kit for Austin Mini (1967-2000). This kit is designed and manufactured by our craftsmen in France. It includes : 

  • 1 front carpet
  • 1 rear carpet
  • 2 front wheelarch carpets covered with leather
  • 2 carpets under the doors
  • 1 crossmember cover
  • 1 drive carpet
  • 1 soundproofing kit

Available only with in beige color with aged brown leather.

Availability :  45.0 jours de délais de fabrication
400.00 € ex. VAT


The hole for the gear stick is pre-cut. The rear deck isn't included in this kit, you can find it on our doors panels kit. The stitching used for the leather are cream color.