Engine protection for Triumph (2016-…)

Engine protection for Triumph (2016-…)

This sump guard / engine protection is manufactured out of stainless steel. It will give a stronger look to Triumph (2016-... - liquid-cooled). It's 1,5mm thick, and ensures a good protection to your engine against impacts and front wheel splashes. 

Available in Satin black or Brushed finish. It comes with all the necessary stainless steel screwing kit.

Availability : within 30 days - manufacturing on order
135.83 € ex. VAT


It's an easy solution to give a good finish to the bottom of your engine and hide graceless parts. This skid plate is very easy to assemble.

It's designed and produced by BAAK's team at our workshop in France.

Width : 200mm

Pictures of the Engine protection for Triumph (2016-…).