Land Rover Defender Radiator Grill

Land Rover Defender Radiator Grill

Without a doubt THE statement piece of our new line of parts for Land Rover Defender. Both the design and R&D departments imagined this line so Defender’s owner can personalized their beloved vehicle to their tastes.

This grille gives to your Defender a unique personality: both raw and classic at the same time. The smooth and long lines come from a very light and refine design blending nicely with the timeless design of the Defender. Manufactured by hand in Lyon by our craftsmen with Baak’s signature care and attention to details.

This grill is used on the entire BAAK Aventure’s Defender fleet.

Availability :
207.50 € ex. VAT


This radiator grill will not fit on the Defenders prior to 1983 (as they have a curved grill). Manufacture in aluminum this grill can be fitted as is, painted by a shop near you or you can contact us to get it painted.

All the necessary hardware is included but not he BAAK badge.

If you’d like this part painted in a specific color or with a different finish, please contact Sébastien.
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Pictures of the Land Rover Defender Radiator Grill.

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