Triumph TRAIL 900-1200

Triumph TRAIL 900-1200

Discover our flagship model in the Adventure range: a version of the Bonneville T120, T100 or Speed Twin 900. It's your ideal ally, whether you're commuting or riding.

It's the perfect bike! It offers overall balance, classic, timeless design, and unparalleled functionality. Its simple beauty and elegance make it a must-have choice for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whether you're riding alone or with a partner, in summer or winter, on long or winding roads, this is the bike for you. It excels just as well on muddy roads in the rain as it does on quiet or dynamic rides.

In short, this is the ideal bike for us!


Thanks to Triumph's high quality craftsmanship and BAAK accessories, you'll never go wrong with this bike. Its mufflers have a muffled sound and, by preserving the original catalytic converter, this makes it a sober and reasonable motorcycle.

Let's work together on your personalized project for a 1200 or 900 Trail BAAK. We'll help you choose the finish, leather and paint colors, as well as the options you need:
 - Bumper with long-range headlights
 - Removable luggage
 - Top case
 - Removable windshield
 - Hand guards ...

Only 6 weeks lead time after ordering!

What's more, it's also available in A2.
If you take your motorcycle driving test with a view to buying a BAAK, we'll give you a refund (offer subject to certain basic conditions, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss).

Find here the items we used on this model or what we believe fits well with your selection