Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120 Rambler

Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120 Rambler

BAAK introduces his "Rambler" vision of the Triumph Bonneville T120 or T100. Noble materials and a strong timeless aesthetic, associated with the multi-purpose use brought by the workshop of our craftsmen team. This model will please the adventurer gentleman eager for unique riding feelings. It's reduced weight guarantees a very pleasant road handling.


Let's build your Triumph Bonneville Rambler project together, from $28,000 (T120) / $26,000 (T100)  I Manufacturing on order, factory new motorcycle provided, guarantee protected, shipment possible all around the world.

3 to 4 months of work at the workshop are necessary to build this machine.

If you live in the USA, you can pre-order your BAAK model right now and have it at our L.A. workshop in early 2021. Let's secure your place in BAAK's Los Angeles workshop waitlist here.