Thruxton & Speed Twin Street Tracker

Thruxton & Speed Twin Street Tracker

The Triumph Thruxton 1200 is turned into an elegant machine, whose comfort and simplicity gets very desirable under BAAK's driving post. A none-exhuberant line and a rediscovered skillfulness that will make this bike enjoyable in every condition. 

Find out the pleasure provided by a real classic sport motorcycle, true to the Thruxton's spirit.


Let's build your Triumph Thruxton 1200 & Speed Twin Street Tracker project together, price according to your desires and the level of finish | Manufacturing on order, factory new motorcycle provided, guarantee protected, shipment possible all around the world.

Please contact Laura from BAAK USA for the US market.

Two months of manufacturing (subject to raw material availability at our suppliers).

Pictures of the Thruxton & Speed Twin Street Tracker.

Find here the items we used on this model or what we believe fits well with your selection