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BAAK Pack Bonneville original

This kit is easy to install and requires no irreversible change that would make lose value to your bike. With our stainless steel handlebar BAAK associated with saddle leather, the driving position is much more cool and comfortable than the original.

Aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

This kit fits for the model Bonneville Original.

3 000 €

Short leather seat kit for Triumph (before 2016)

Short leather seat kit for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler or Thruxton (before 2016). Essential to achieve your motorcycle custom project, and without having to hire a professional to bend and weld a rear subframe.

Comes with:

  • Machined aluminium short subframe system
  • Genuine leather saddle
  • Stainless steel mudguard with plate holder and bates taillight
  • Blinkers support

1 050 €

BAAK Pack Triumph Bonneville Rambler

This kit enables you to transform your Triumph Bonneville T100 (before 2016) into a Bonneville Rambler, the ultimate adventurer. A leather seat, a visually lightened line and a wide handlebar providing great riding feelings give this build a strong and authentic look.

This accessory pack is easy to assemble, and exclusively composed of parts handcrafted at BAAK Motocyclettes workshop.

3 500 €

Leather seat for Triumph

This leather seat for Triumph will increase the finish of your bike. Developed and manufactured entirely at BAAK's workshop in France.

Much narrower than the original (-2.5cm), it has a perfect thickness to keep comfort (6cm) and style. This saddle comes with a free BAAK special cream to maintain the leather in good shape.

Suits Triumph Bonneville (T100 & SE), Thruxton, Scrambler (before 2016).

550 €

Leather saddle for Triumph

This flat leather seat for Triumph is handcrafted at our workshop. It's narrower than the original one (-2,5cm), which considerably improves the look of your Triumph. We use an high quality french leather to manufacture this seat. 

The foam thickness is 6cm, which gives a good comfort and a flat saddle look.

It fits with Triumph Bonneville (T100 & SE), Scrambler and Thruxton before 2016. 

550 €

Lighthouse / mini integrated speedometer Triumph

Headlight / mini integrated speedometer for Triumph. This Mini speedo is placed inside a Ø165mm satin black metal casing with M8 side fixations.

It suits Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton (old generation - before 2016)

  • Delivered with M-TRI CanBus box for EFI models since 2011
  • The version for carburetor models, is delivered cabled to fit into the original wiring harness

650 €

Lighthouse / integrated speedometer Triumph

Headlight with integrated speedometer for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton (before 2016). Ø165mm satin black metal headlight casing with M8 side fixation.

  • Comes with an M-TRI CanBus electronic box for EFI Triumph since 2011
  • Comes with compatible wiring harness for carburetor and EFI mechanical speedometer models

100% Plug & Play.

840 €

Bindings headlight

Motorcycle headlight bracket, for M8 side fixation. The brackets are designed and manufactured in BAAK's workshop in France.

Only available in satin black.

  • Ø41mm for TRiumph Bonneville (60mm length for original lighthouse)
  • 40mm and 60mm length for Moto Guzzi V7
  • Ø41mm and length 60mm for Triumph Street and Twin T120 (Doesn't fit with original headlight)

99 €

Bates headlight / speedometer for Triumph

Bates headlight with integrated speedometer for Triumph old generation (before 2017). Here's how to purify your Triumph while keeping all original features of a speedometer. The mini speedometer shows the total daily mileage, LED indicator, oil pressure, high beam, gas reserve and neutral.

The menu button is integrated in the casing of the lighthouse.

650 €

Plate bates flagship Triumph

Bates type headlight plate for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler or Truxton. This motorcycle part is handcrafted in aluminium.

Essential to hide the steering column and all the cables after the mounting of a Bates headlight.

Comes with 4 black leather clamps. Available in satin black and raw aluminium finish.

Size : 220mm x 190mm.

99 €

Mini mudguard for Triumph

Mini stainless steel rear fender / mudguard for Triumph, equipped with a taillight, a license plate lightning, a license plate support and an indicators fixation bracket.

Available for Triumph Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton from 1999 to 2016 (air cooled).

Designed and handcrafted at our workshop in France. Turn signals are optionnal.

335 €

Short rear steel fender - Brushed finish

Stainless steel rear short fender, equipped with a taillight with license lightning, a license plate holder, with a blinkers fixation bracket.

The cutting of this mudguard is very harmonious, while effective against the projections of the wheel.

Fits Triumph Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton from 1999 to 2016.
This product is designed and handcrafted at BAAK's workshop in France.

335 €

Brushed TT mudguard for Triumph

Rear fender equipped with a taillight, a license plate bracket and a flashing fixation.

Its square shape gives it a perfect all-terrain look for Triumph Scrambler.
For Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton from 1999 to 2016.

Designed and handcrafted in the workshop BAAK in France.

335 €

Leather saddlebag for Triumph

Side leather saddlebag for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton (before 2016). This saddlebag is handcrafted in our workshop in the same leather as our seats. It enables you to transport some objetcs and gives a retro distinguished look to your bike.

It comes mounting on a black satin painted aluminium plate that comes in place of your original side cover. 

225 €

Black leather gas tank strap

Universal leather gas tank strap / belt, fits with any gas tank with cap on the side. It gives a distinguished look to your motorcycle tank. 

It comes wrapping your gas tank, is easy to assemble and is adjustable thanks to a metal buckle fastener. It particularly fits for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, Street Twin and T120. Maximum lenght 190cm, minimum 107cm.

95 €

Triumph Bobber exhaust

Bobber exhaust line for Triumph, designed and handcrafted at our workshop. The manifolds are in stainless steel, the mufflers in aluminium. 

It provides a rough and deeper sound but remains discreet. This part isn't road approved. 

Suits Triumph Bonneville EFI before 2016 (Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler) and carburetor. 

1 150 €

Mini front fender for Triumph

Mini stainless steel front mudguard for Triumph, perfect to modify the look of your motorcycle while keeping a good protection.

It's pre-drilled for the bike of your choice : Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, and the new Street Twin, Street Scrambler, T100 and T120 from 2016. 

115 €

Medium front mudguard for Triumph

Stainless steel medium front mudguard for Triumph, perfect to visually lighten the look of your motorcycle while keeping a good protection.

This front fender is pre-drilled for the bike of your choice : Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, and the new Street Twin, Street Scrambler, Thruxton, T100 and T120 2016. 

135 €

High front mudguard for Triumph

High front mudguard for Triumph, perfect to give a Scrambler look to your ride while keeping a good protection.

This stainless steel front fender comes with a satin black bracket to attach it on your lower fork triple trees. Available for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton (before 2016).

165 €

Front fender Bonneville

Long and narrow front mudguard for Triumph Bonneville (before 2016). It's the narrowest front fender which enables to keep the original fixation legs.

Stainless steel front fender, designed and manufactured in France at BAAK's workshop. It enables to keep a classic look and a good protection against the wheel projections.

It's lighter than the original one.

115 €

Universal leather tank bag - Aged brown

Universal leather gas tank saddlebag. This discreet bag enables you to bring some stuff with you while riding. It's assembled with snaps on an adjustable leather strap that wraps the tank of side gas tank cap motorcycles. 

Its front pocket has a transparent touch-sensitive cover that enable to watch and use a GPS, smartphone or road map while travelling.

335 €

Mini speedometer for Triumph EFI - Below the handlebar fixation

Tiny speedometer manufactured by motogadget for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler or Thruxton (before 2016). Mounted on a plate developed by BAAK Motorcycles, made in aluminium, epoxy  satin black painted.

Comes assembled and connected to a compatible wiring harness (plug and play).

Two locations available : Above the steering column (behind the handlebar) and classic position.

495 €

Cable speedometer for Triumph

Mini round speedometer for Triumph Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton carburators with cable speedometers and Triumph EFI up to 2011.

With neutral indicator, wiring harness, oil pressure and turn signals.

This speedometer comes with its plug & play wiring harness. Available in black only.

219 €

Leather fork gaiters + stainless steel collar

Pair of genuine leather fork gaiters. These 4, 6 or 8 folds fork gaiters are handmade in France, and bring a touch of authenticity and exception to your motorcycle. It's water-repellent and especially designed to resist to an intensive use. 

Diameter Ø41mm top and Ø63mm bottom, fits for Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, Street Twin, T120 and Thruxton (except R version) and Moto Guzzi V7.

190 €

Beringer braking kit for Triumph

Beringer complete front braking kit for Triumph. This kit is composed of a radial 4 pistons caliper, a Classic disk, a clutch control and a master cylinder. It garantees an better braking feeling and an improved power during every braking action.
The quality of these elements assures a great look for your motorbike. It's possible to buy each element of the kit separately. 

420 €

Engine protection // sump guard for Triumph

Aluminium engine protection / sump guard for Triumph, gives an aesthetic style to your motorcycle and a better protection to your engine. Available for Triumph Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton before 2016.

Easy to assemble, comes with stainless steel screws and installation instructions.

115 €

Leather handlebar grips

Leather handlebar grips. Wrapped with a high quality leather, it gives a touch of chic to your motorcycle while keeping a good takeover. 

Available in aged brown, gold, black and ruby leather. Four thread colours available so it perfectly suits your bike.

Available for 25,4mm (1 inch) and 22mm handlebars.

145 €

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