Bobber exhaust for Triumph (pre-2016)

1,041.67 € inc. VAT

Bobber exhaust for Triumph (pre-2016)

1,041.67 € inc. VAT

Bobber exhaust line for Triumph (before 2016 - air-cooled), designed and manufactured at our workshop by BAAK's craftsmen. The manifolds manufactured out of are stainless steel, the mufflers are aluminium. It provides a rough and deeper sound, without reasonance, but remains discreet (less than 100Db). It's easy to assemble on the motorcycle, all the necessary fixation system is provided.

This part isn't approved for road use. 

Availability : within 130 days - manufacturing on order


We brought a particular care to the sound provided by this exhaust system. The mufflers include baffles that offer a deep sound without reasonance. This part doesn't damage the engine performances. The sound remains discreet (less than 100Db) so you can use it for your daily ride. Shorter and more discreet, this exhaust line clearly contrasts with the original one, and will make your bike stand out from the mass. 

The mounting of this exhaust line can require injection adjustment (at your Triumph local dealer's). There are holes designed so you can put your lambda sensors back on it.

This exhaust is particularly used on our Triumph Bonneville 865 Bobber, Dandy Bonnie, Tracker, Rambler...

This product is compatible with the following models (click the model for more details):

Triumph Bonneville air (2000-2016)

Triumph Scrambler air (2006-2016)

Triumph Thruxton air (2004 - 2016)