BAAK N°1 handlebars - Ø25,4mm

115 €

Availability: Currently 3 weeks of manufacturing time.

Wide stailness steel BAAK N°1 handlebars in Ø25,4mm (1 inch). It's flatter, wider and has more pullback / sweep to the rider than most of the other handlebars. It will offer a very distinguised look to your motorcycle, and improve its handling qualities and your riding position. 

The stainless steel tubes we selected, very thin and resistant, makes it a good quality part.

BAAK N°1 handlebars - Satin black
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Brushed
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Ø25,4mm
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Ø25,4mm
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Ø25,4mm
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Brushed
BAAK N°1 handlebars - Brushed



This wide handlebar is available in Brushed and Satin black finish, it has the following measurements:

  • Height : 176mm
  • Width : 796mm
  • Swipe / pullback : 159mm

To fit this wide handlebar, you may need to change your cables : 

This handlebar has a constant 25,4mm (1 inch) diameter that corresponds to the original diameter of the controls of : Triumph Bonneville T100 (new and old generation), Bonneville T120 (doesn't fit the heated grips), Thruxton 900 and Thruxton 1200.

To fit this handlebars on a Triumph Bonneville T120, you must go for our Heated grips removal kit.

This handlebars is assembled on our Triumph Dandy Bonnie.

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