Bates headlight / speedometer for Triumph

650 €

Availability: 8 days of production after order

Bates headlight with integrated speedometer for Triumph old generation (before 2017). Here's how to purify your Triumph while keeping all original features of a speedometer. The mini speedometer shows the total daily mileage, LED indicator, oil pressure, high beam, gas reserve and neutral.

The menu button is integrated in the casing of the lighthouse.

Bates headlight / speedometer Triumph - Classic finish speedometer
Mini headlight / speedometer
Bates headlight / speedometer on our Bobber Bonneville
Mini headlight / speedometer
Bates headlight / speedometer - Vintage finish speedometer



Lighthouse Ø15cm lower Bates style mounting, equipped with a Ø5,3cm Tiny Motogadget speedometer manufactured in Germany. The speedometer is a plug & play system and equipped with a LED fuel reserve. 

Comes with bulb H4 12V 60/55 W, support plate, cables and instructions. Comes with M-TRI multiplexing case for injection model. BEWARE, this speedometer isn't suitable for Triumph Scrambler EFI with mechanical speedometer.

EU approved. Perfectlly fits for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton. This headlight mounts in place of the regulator. We advise you to relocate it thanks to our regulator bracket for Triumph.

The headlight and the speedometer are approved according to the CE standards. This is the part assembled on our Triumph Bonneville Bobber. It doesn't suit the new Triumph Street Twin / Bonneville T100 / T120 (liquid cooled - from 2016). 

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