T-shirt BAAK Collector N°7

T-shirt BAAK Collector N°7

Some blue and some wheels, one Mini Morris, one screen printing. This number 7 Collector T-shirt slowly hits the road on its tiny 10 inches wheels! Now push the brake pedal: rear lights on then it’s time to sloooow down a bit and look around.

This, is the spirit of this backdate Mini Morris, decelerate a bit when you’ll wear this sweet T-shirt.

Pre-order your T-shirt Collector N°7 from April 1st to may 31st 2021 only.

Availability : Shipping from April 1st and 15th
32.50 € ex. VAT


BAAK invent and offers this sweet blue T-shirt with some tiny Mini Morris wheels on it, with invites you to decelerate, to takahe the time to look around.

Pictures of the T-shirt BAAK Collector N°7.

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