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"Tracker" pack for Triumph Thruxton 1200

"Tracker" parts kit for Triumph Thruxton 1200. This pack enables you to transform your Thruxton into an elegant classic machine with a comfortable riding position. The kit is composed of parts designed and manufactured at our workshop so it can be easily fitted on your Triumph.

2 790 €

Leather seat for Triumph Thruxton 1200

Flat leather seat for Triumph Thruxton 1200 (from 2016). This leather seat is handcrafted at BAAK's workshop. It's more flat than the stock seat, offers a touch of chic to your bike and enable you to bring a passenger with comfort.

This seat is available in 4 different leather color and 2 shapes of stitchings. Suits the Thruxton 1200 and 1200 R.

690 €

Racer leather seat for Triumph Thruxton 1200

Racer single leather seat for Triumph Thruxton 1200 (from 2016). This leather classic-ribbed seat is handcrafted at BAAK's workshop in France. It offers a real cafe racer look while getting a touch of chic leather. Manufacture on the base of an original Triumph seat pan, it suits the Thruxton 1200 and 1200 R.

This seat is available in 4 leather color : Gold, Black, Aged brown and Ruby.

690 €

License plate support for Thruxton

Short license plate support for Triumph Thruxton 1200. More discreet than the original one, it's equipped with an UE approved LED taillight and a license plate lightning. 

This part is handcrafted at our workshop. It's easy to assemble in place of the original part and is plug & play on your original wiring harness. Compatible with Triumph original and Accessories parts.

255 €

License plate support Thruxton 1200 fender

License plate support for rear fender eliminator kit of Triumph Thruxton 1200. This support is dedicated to be assembled on the optional Rear fender removal kit offered by Triumph Motorcycles. It enables you to remove the reflectors and to use the license plate lightning of the support.

This support is painted in satin black epoxy painting.

55 €

Black leather gas tank strap

Universal leather gas tank strap / belt, fits with any gas tank with cap on the side. It gives a distinguished look to your motorcycle tank. 

It comes wrapping your gas tank, is easy to assemble and is adjustable thanks to a metal buckle fastener. It particularly fits for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, Street Twin and T120. Maximum lenght 190cm, minimum 107cm.

125 €

Engine protection for Triumph - Satin black

This sump guard / engine protection is made in aluminium. It gives a stronger look to your Triumph Street Twin, Street Scrambler, Bonneville T120 and T100 (from 2016) or Thruxton 1200. It's 3mm thick, and ensures a good protection to your engine against impacts and front wheel splashes. 

Available in satin black or brushed finish. It comes with all the necessary screwing.

115 €

Lowering kit for Triumph Thruxton 1200

Aluminium upper triple trees kit for lowering, for Triumph Thruxton 1200. This upper triple trees and headlight brackets supports enable you to lower the front end of your bike by 25mm. 

Available with ignition switch and / or speedometer bracket. The handlebar clamps and shock absorbers are optional.

395 €

Headlight for Triumph T120, T100 & Thruxton

Triumph Bonneville T120, T100 and Thruxton 1200 lighthouse. More flat than the original one (135mm depth), it offers a stronger look to your motorcycle. The casing is in black satin metal, the trim ring is available in brushed and chromed finish.

UE approved. Suits the Bonneville T120, T100 (since 2016) and Thruxton 1200.

95 €

Bates headlight for Triumph

Bates headlight for Triumph. This lower fixation lighthouse is 15cm diameter. Its casing and trim ring enables you to visually lighten your fork tubes and improve the look of your motorcycle.

Suits the Triumph Bonneville / Thruxton / Scrambler (before 2016) and the Triumph Street Twin / T100 / T120 / Thruxton 1200 (since 2016). It comes with a fixation bracket and a plug & play wiring harness.

114,01 €

Stainless steel silencers for Thruxton 1200 - polished

Pair of stainless steel exhaust mufflers for Triumph Thruxton 1200 (liquid cooled). These silencers are manufactured in France and available in Polished or Brushed finish. It offers a deep and smooth sound. 
It's not approved for road use, but it sounds reasonably loud (less than 100 Db).

It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for Thruxton 1200 and 1200 R.

860 €

Beringer braking kit Triumph T120 & Thruxton 1200

Beringer full front braking kit for Triumph Bonneville T120 and Thruxton 1200. This kit is composed of a radial 4 pistons caliper, 2 brake Classic disks, a clutch control and a master cylinder. 
This kit includes two disks and two calipers. Suits the Triumph new generation only.

720 €

Shocks Big-Body for Thruxton 1200

Wide Big Body shock absorbers for Triumph Thruxton 1200. We developed this part in order to give a stronger look and a better absorption skills to the Thruxton 1200.

It's the most wide shock absorbers you can find for this bike. Available in original and short size.

Sold in pair. Longevity 100 000Km. 

520 €

BAAK N°1 handlebars - Satin black

Wide stailness steel BAAK N°1 handlebars in Ø25,4mm (1 inch). It's flatter, wider and has more pullback / sweep to the rider than most of the other handlebars. It will offer a very distinguised look to your motorcycle, and improve its handling qualities and your riding position. 

The stainless steel tubes we selected, very thin and resistant, makes it a good quality part.

115 €

Kit long cables for Triumph (new generation)

Long cables kit for Triumph (after 2016), it enables to mount wide handlebars on your bike. This kit includes the front brake hose extension and the clutch cable. 

Suits the Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120, Street Twin / Street Scrambler and Thruxton 1200. 

65 €

Leather cables guide

Leather cable guide. This strap enables you to fasten you cables, or tie it together to your handlebar. If just like us, your motorcycle's finish is part of your obsessions, this cable guide is perfect for your project. 

Available in Aged brown, Black, Gold or Ruby leather. Available in 85mm, 105mm, 120mm or 135mmlenght. 20mm wide. 

Doesn't come in pairs.

8 €

Leather fork gaiters + stainless steel collar

Pair of genuine leather fork gaiters. These 4, 6 or 8 folds fork gaiters are handmade in France, and bring a touch of authenticity and exception to your motorcycle. It's water-repellent and especially designed to resist to an intensive use. 

Diameter Ø41mm top and Ø63mm bottom, fits for Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, Street Twin, T120 and Thruxton (except R version) and Moto Guzzi V7.

199 €

Aluminium handlebar clamps

Machined aluminium handlebar clamps for motorcycle. These risers are available in 22mm diameter, 28,6mm diameter or 1 inch diameter (25,4mm) diameter, it's lighter and elegant. The clamps are satin black powder coat painted, and come with stainless steel screwing.

Designed and manufactured at BAAK's workshop.

135 €

Brackets kit for factory Triumph indicators

Turn signals brackets kit to relocate the factory or accessories indicators from Triumph that have keyed connection, to visually lighten your motorcycle. The front bracket comes on your oil-cooler, and the rear brackets come on the shock absorbers axis. 

Fits for new Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120, Street Twin / Street Scrambler, Thrxuton 1200 (after 2016).

19 €

Bates headlight bracket for Triumph Thruxton 1200

Bates headlight fixation bracket for Triumph Thruxton 1200. This bracket fits the lower fork triple trees of the Thruxton 1200 and enables to mount any Bates headlight with a lower fixation on your motorcycle.

4mm thick machined aluminium. Satin black powder coat paiting.

25 €

Mini LED turn signals

Mini LED turn signals in aluminium with Ø8mm shaft. These blinkers are minimalistic, once switched off, it's nearly invisible wether it offers a perfect visibility when running. We use it on main part of our custom motorcycles project at the workshop.

Sold in pairs. Blinkers size : 19,5mm x 16mm. 12V / 3W.

78 €

Mini turn signals Street Twin / T120 / Thruxton / T100

Mini turn signals for Triumph Bonneville T120 / Street Twin / Thruxton 1200 / T100 (from 2016). It has an M10 fixation shaft.
10w bulb.

Much more discreet than the original blinkers, it offers a better finish to your motorcycle. Available with Long shaft (37mm) or Short shaft (17mm).

Sold in pairs. Blinkers dimension : 45x55mm. 

19 €

Front bracket flashing for Triumph

This turn signal bracket / support for Triumph (air-cooled and liquid-cooled models) is simple, effective and very discreet. It enables you relocate your Universal turn indicators under the steering column. Stainless steel laser cut and satin black powder coated.

Fits with the bracket regulator Triumph, or can be tightened on the superior fixation of the oil cooling system.

19 €

Rear turn signals brackets for Triumph

Rear turn signals bracket for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, Street Twin, T100 (from 2016) and T120.

Enables you to mount your turn signals on the shock absorber axis for a more discreet look. Compatible with the original passenger grab handle.
Flashing Axis ø10mm, shock absorber axis Ø14mm or Ø16mm, length 50mm.

Comes in pairs.

19 €

Rear mudguard wiring harness for Triumph (new generation) - Short

Rear mudguard wiring harness for Triumph (new generation - since 2016), required to assemble any taillight / indicators on your motorcycle.

This wiring harness suits the Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120, Street Twin / Street Scrambler, Thruxton 1200.

19 €

Turn signals wiring harness for Street Twin

This turn signals wiring harness is necessary to adapt new turn signals on your Triumph Street Twin, Street Scrambler, T100 and T120 (after 2016 - liquid cooled) and Thruxton 1200. This 160mm wiring harness is plug and play on the original pods of your motorcycle. 

This product is perfet to acheive the mounting of aftermarket indicators.

It comes in pairs. Fits for front and rear turn signals.

11,50 €

Leather cell phone mount - Aged brown

Universal cell phone mount made out of leather. This tiny bag is design to be assembled on your motorcycle handlebar. It enables you watch and use your smartphone while riding has its front transparent surface is touch sensitive. It gets closed thanks to a velcro that makes it easy to connect the phone cable while riding.

Available in Aged brown, Black, Ruby or Gold genuine leather.

145 €

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