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Leather saddle for Royal Enfield Continental GT

This leather saddle is handcrafted on your original Royal Enfield continental GT saddle on which we re-work the foam and apply a new leather cover. It considerably improves the look of your cafe racer. 

It's available in classic rib or rib-shaped diamond, in black, gold, aged brown or red leather.

350 €

Royal Enfield Continental GT exhaust line

Exhaust ligne for Royal Enfield Continental GT. Manufactured in stainless steel, it's lighter than the original exhaust system, and its brushed finish will bring a better look to your bike.

The sound provided by this exhaust is deeper, but stays reasonable. The exhaust baffle is removalbe.

590 €

Short front fender for Royal Enfield Continental

Short front fender for Royal Enfield Continental GT, wide enough to keep a good protection and give a great look to your motorcycle.

Pre-drilled for the Royal Enfield Continental GT, it's made in stainless steel. 

115 €

Leather gas tank strap for Continental GT

Leather gas tank strap / belt, for Royal Enfiel Continental GT. It gives a distinguished look to your motorcycle. It's linedup with 2 leather layers to keeps a good stiffness around your gas tank cap. The strap is adjustable thanks to a metal buckle fastener. 

Handcrafted at our workshop, it's available in black, aged brown, red and gold leather colors so it perfectly suits your motorcycle. 

145 €

Fatbar handlebar

Fatbar handlebar and risers in aluminium. This bar is perfect to give a more impressive look to your bike. This wide handlebar allows a more comfortable riding position than the original ones. 

The centric part is 28mm diameter, which requires to adapt compatible handlebar clamps in Fatbar handlebar as the ones we offer in option with this part.

250 €

2win shocks for Royal Enfield

Aluminium shock absorbers for Royal Enfield. These shocks are adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic. Each click of the knob changes the setting of hydraulic compression and relaxation simultaneously.

It will offer a better shock absorption and a great look to your ride.

Available in original size for Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Continental GT. Sold in pairs.

370 €

Leather cables guide

Leather cable guide. This strap enables you to fasten you cables, or tie it together to your handlebar. If just like us, your motorcycle's finish is part of your obsessions, this cable guide is perfect for your project. 

Available in Aged brown, Black and Gold leather. Available in 85mm, 105mm, 120mm or 135mmlenght. 20mm wide. 

Doesn't come in pairs.

8 €

Monza gas cap

Monza gas tank cap for Royal Enfield. The timeless design of this Monza cap will perfectly suit your gas tank thanks to our adapter. 

The full kit is composed of the polished aluminium gas cap, the seal, the necessary screwing and the adapter. It only suits the Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic with Euro 4 approval (from 2017).

Beware of poor quality copies.

129 €

License plate support for Royal Enfield Continental GT

License plate support for original Royal Enfield Continental GT mudguard. Equipped with a taillight, license plate lightning, compatible wiring harness and included blinkers support that mount on your shock absorber axis or the license plate support. 

EU approved LED rear taillight, comes with its plug & play wiring harness. Suit Royal Continental GT only.

150 €

Royal Enfield Continental headlight - brushed hooping

Royal Enfield Continental GT headlight 200mm diameter. More flat than the original headlight (135mm depth), it will offer a stronger look to your bike. The casing is in satin black metal, the hooping is available in chromed and brushed finish.

This part was designed to suit the original wiring harness of your Royal Enfield.

95 €

Leather handlebar grips

Leather handlebar grips. Wrapped with a high quality leather, it gives a touch of chic to your motorcycle while keeping a good takeover. 

Available in aged brown, gold, black and ruby leather. Four thread colours available so it perfectly suits your bike.

Available for 25,4mm (1 inch) and 22mm handlebars.

145 €

Handlebar grips

Left and right handlebar grips Renegade, produced by Biltwell for character motorcycle. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm. Comes in pairs.

18 €

Handlebar grips

Thruster left and right handlebar grips produced by Biltwell motorcycles. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Available in black and brown. Comes in pairs.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm.

18 €

Mini round mirror

Mini round mirror, Ø8cm with M8 threading, for upper position. The mirror stem is 13cm long, its shape was specificly designed to guaranty a good rear visibility and a discreet look.

Suits for motorcycles with M10 screwing original mirrors fixation. Sold by unit, available in satin black only. Fit both left and right sides.

29 €

Rear turn signals bracket for Moto Guzzi V7

Rear turn signals bracket for Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Continental GT. Enables you to mount your blinkers on the shock absorber axis for a more discreet look. 

Comes in pairs. Easy to assemble on the bike.

19 €

Mini turn signals for Royal Enfield

Mini turn signals / blinkers for Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic. With its M10 fixation, it comes in place of the original ones.
10w bulb.

Much more discreet than the original blinkers, it offers a better finish to your motorcycle.

Sold in pairs. Blinkers dimension : 45x55mm. 

19 €

Mini LED turn signals

Mini LED turn signals in aluminium. These blinkers are minimalistic, once switched off, it's nearly invisible wether it offers a perfect visibility when running. We use it on main part of our custom motorcycles project at the workshop.

Sold in pairs. Blinkers size : 19,5mm x 16mm. 12V / 3W.

78 €

Thermal tape

Here are 15 meters from thermal wrap, 5 cm wide, to bundle up your exhaust system and give you a look of BAD BOY.

For black color, we advise you to paint with a special high temperature painting, so the color can resist over the mounths.

It's a great quality part, beware of low-cost ones! Comes with 8 stainless steel collars.

59 €

Handlebar mirror adapter

Handlebar adapters, required for mounting some mirrors. We offer two different solutions : 

  • 22mm handlebar adapter lower position, to mount our mini mirrors under your handlebar. 
  • Through rod fixation adapter, to mount any type of mirror in upper position on a handlebar with a through rod type fixation, in upper or lower position.

15 €

Bindings headlight

Motorcycle headlight bracket, for M8 side fixation. The brackets are designed and manufactured in BAAK's workshop in France.

Only available in satin black.

  • Ø41mm for TRiumph Bonneville (60mm length for original lighthouse)
  • 40mm and 60mm length for Moto Guzzi V7
  • Ø41mm and length 60mm for Triumph Street and Twin T120 (Doesn't fit with original headlight)

99 €

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