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Resistors for LED turn indicators

Resistors for LED motorcycles turn indicators, essential to get a correct blinking speed once your LED blinkers are mounted on a motorcycle that isn't equipped with LED ones in stock configuration. 

Comes in pairs. You need two pairs to connect both front and rear turn signals on your motorcycle.

8 €

Rear mudguard wiring harness for Triumph (new generation) - Short

Rear mudguard wiring harness for Triumph (new generation - since 2016), required to assemble any taillight / indicators on your motorcycle.

This wiring harness suits the Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120, Street Twin / Street Scrambler, Thruxton 1200.

19 €

Oil temperature gauge Triumph

Oil temperature gauge, comes in place of the original oil filler cap. Allows you to monitor the oil temperature of your engine.

Fits with Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler (before 2016) and T120, T100 (from 2016) and Street Twin / Street Scrambler.

32 €

Mini round mirror

Mini round mirror, Ø8cm with M8 threading, for upper position. The mirror stem is 13cm long, its shape was specificly designed to guaranty a good rear visibility and a discreet look.

Suits for motorcycles with M10 screwing original mirrors fixation. Sold by unit, available in satin black only. Fit both left and right sides.

29 €

Handlebar mirror adapter

Handlebar adapters, required for mounting some mirrors. We offer two different solutions : 

  • 22mm handlebar adapter lower position, to mount our mini mirrors under your handlebar. 
  • Through rod fixation adapter, to mount any type of mirror in upper position on a handlebar with a through rod type fixation, in upper or lower position.

15 €

Mount bracket - below the handlebar

Motogadget Tiny speedometer fixation bracket. It's a machined aluminium bracket, satin black powder coated. It's available for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton (old generation - before 2016) and for Moto Guzzi V7.

This part comes with all the necessary screwing.

49 €

Handlebar grips

Thruster left and right handlebar grips produced by Biltwell motorcycles. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Available in black and brown. Comes in pairs.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm.

18 €

Handlebar grips

Left and right handlebar grips Renegade, produced by Biltwell for character motorcycle. Allows a better handtaking of your handlebar, and an incredible look.

Handlebar diameter 1 "or 22mm. Comes in pairs.

18 €

Thermal tape

Here are 15 meters from thermal wrap, 5 cm wide, to bundle up your exhaust system and give you a look of BAD BOY.

For black color, we recommend you to paint it with a special high temperature painting, so the color can resist over the months.

It's a great quality part, beware of low-cost ones! Comes with 8 optional stainless steel collars.

59 €

Documents tube holder

This tube motorcycles documents holder enables you place your insurance card / document anywhere on your motorcycle. This cylinder is waterproof, the card remains perfectly visible, it's easy to assemble anywhere on the motorcycle. Available in black color only.

Height : 70mm / Diameter : 20mm.

32 €

Camembert air filters

"Camembert" style round air filter. This pair of air filters offer a retro look and a great filtration quality to your motorcycle. 

  • Connection sleeve : Ø53,5mm
  • Filter : Ø139mm and 41mm thick.

Comes in pair with two stainless steel fixation collars.

105 €

Plastic mini turn signals

Mini turn signals / blinkers made in plastic. With its M10 fixation, it comes in place of most of the original blinkers. 10w bulb included.

Much more discreet than the original blinkers, it offers a better finish to your motorcycle. Available with Long shaft (37mm) or Short shaft (17mm).

Sold in pairs. Blinkers dimension : 45x55mm. 

19 €

License plate support Thruxton 1200 fender

License plate support for rear fender eliminator kit of Triumph Thruxton 1200. This support is dedicated to be assembled on the optional Rear fender removal kit offered by Triumph Motorcycles. It enables you to remove the reflectors and to use the license plate lightning of the support.

This support is painted in satin black epoxy painting.

55 €

Regulator bracket for Street Twin / T120

Rectifier support for Triumph Street Twin, T100 and Bonneville T120. This bracket enables you to relocate your regulator behind your engine oil cooler instead of the lower fork té to lighten the front of your bike.

Manufactured in aluminium laser cut. You'll be obliged to relocate your wiring harness under your gas tank. Comes with all the necessary stainless steel screwing and without regulator.

45 €

Ignition switch bracket for Triumph (new generation)

Ignition switch relocation bracket for Triumph (after 2016). It enables to relocate the ignition switch control under the gas tank. Manufactured in aluminium laser cut. You'll be obliged to relocate your wiring harness under your gas tank. Comes with all the necessary stainless steel screwing.

Fits the Triumph Bonneville T100 / T120, Street Twin / Street Scrambler and Thruxton 1200.

19 €

2win shock absorbers for Triumph (since 2016)

2 Win aluminium shock absorbers for Triumph (since 2016). These shocks are adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic. Each click of the knob changes the setting of hydraulic compression and relaxation simultaneous manner.

Shock absorbers manufactured in aluminium, in stock size, sold in pairs.

420 €

Yellow H4 bulb

Yellow H4 bulb for motorcycle headlight. Fits any headlight using an H4 bulb in stock configuration. It enables you to offer a firmly vintage look to your motorcycle, without adding a filter on your headlight pane. 12V100/90W.

This product preserve the lighting qualities of your motorcycle. Perfect for a backdating projet.

12 €

Headlight wiring harness extension

This headlight wiring harness bulb extension suits any motorcycle equipped with a H4 lighthouse bulb. It enables to connect your headlight to the motorcycle when you relocate the original wiring harness.

Length : 420mm

19 €

Rear fender wiring harness for Triumph - Short

Rear fender wiring harness for Triumph (before 2016). This wiring harness is essential to connect an aftermarket set of turn signals and taillight. It's plug & play over the pods of your motorcycle. 

This parts fits the Triumph Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton before 2016 (air cooled). 

This part comes with all the mudguards we provide for Triumph.

19 €

Bates headlight bracket for Triumph Thruxton 1200

Bates headlight fixation bracket for Triumph Thruxton 1200. This bracket fits the lower fork triple trees of the Thruxton 1200 and enables to mount any Bates headlight with a lower fixation on your motorcycle.

4mm thick machined aluminium. Satin black powder coat paiting.

25 €

Leather care cream

This cream is a nourishing milk. It penetrates and nourishes the leather. You can use it for your saddles but also for your other leather products : shoes, jackets, gloves, saddlebags, etc.

Capacity : 150 ml.

18 €

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