Yellow H4 bulb for BMW NineT

Yellow H4 bulb for BMW NineT headlight. Fits any headlight using an H4 bulb in stock configuration. It enables you to offer a firmly vintage look to your motorcycle, without adding a filter on your headlight pane. 12V100/90W.

This product preserve the lighting qualities of your motorcycle. Perfect for a backdating projet.

12 €

Thermal wrap

High quality thermal wrap for BMW NineT exhaust. These 15 meters of thermal wrap offer a strong raw lok to your motorcycle. Comes with 8 optional stainless steel fixation collars. For black thermal wrap, we recommend you to paint it with high temperateure black paint spray so the color resists over the months.

Available in beige or black color.

59 €

Tracker Bar handlebars for BMW NineT

BMW NineT Tracker Bar handlebar. This Tracker style handlebar  has 28,6mm clamping diameter and 790mm width. It offers more pullback to the rider than the original handlebar, which is more comfortable.  

This handlebar fits the original cables and hoses of the BMW NineT.

115 €

Bates headlight for BMW NineT

Bates headlight for BMW R NineT. This lower fixation lighthouse is 15cm diameter. Its metal casing and trim ring enables you to visually lighten your fork tubes and improve the look of your NineT.

Comes with a specific satin black powder coat painted fixation bracket.

119 €

Öhlins fork for BMW NineT

Öhlins Black Edition fork for BMW NineT. This conventional style fork offers a finish level and a shock absorption feeling that can't be compared to the original one. It comes with front fender fixation brackets, calipers brackets and the wheel axle. 

It's adjustable in spring preload, compression and rebound. The length is the same as the original fork.

2 890 €

Valve covers for BMW NineT

Pair of valve covers for BMW R NineT. These cylinder heads for offer a classic look and a perfect finish to make the engine of your NineT become the masterpiece of your project. 

Powder coat painted with high quality painting. Designed at BAAK's workshop in France. 


1 550 €

16' spoked wheels for BMW NineT

Pair of 16' aluminium spoked wheels for BMW NineT. These satin black aluminium rims and stainless speel spokes offer a great finish level and are lightweight. Perfect to change the look of your motorcycle and make it handle better. We provide the spokes and rims, to be radiated on the original hubs of the NineT Standard or the spoked hubs of the NineT Pure.

1 100 €

Turn signals wiring harness for BMW NineT

Turn indicators wiring harness for BMW R NineT. These connectors enable you connect any universal 10W turn indicator to the original wiring harness of your BMW NineT without having to cut or weld any wire. 

Comes in pairs. Total length: 360mm.

11,50 €

Leather cell phone mount

Universal cell phone mount made out of leather. This tiny bag is design to be assembled on your motorcycle handlebar. It enables you watch and use your smartphone while riding has its front transparent surface is touch sensitive. It gets closed thanks to a velcro that makes it easy to connect the phone cable while riding.

Available in Aged brown, Black, Ruby or Gold genuine leather.

145 €

Leather cables guide

Leather cable guide. This strap enables you to fasten you cables, or tie it together to your handlebar. If just like us, your motorcycle's finish is part of your obsessions, this cable guide is perfect for your project. 

Available in Aged brown, Black, Gold or Ruby leather. Available in 85mm, 105mm, 120mm or 135mmlenght. 20mm wide. 

Sold as a unit, not in pairs. 

8 €

Classic headlight for BMW NineT

Classic headlight for BMW NineT. This ∅180mm lighthouse with M8 side fixations offers a perfect finish and a strong classic look. It fits the BMW NineT, it's available in satin black finish with Brushed or Chromed trim ring. Metal casing and trim ring.

Approved according to the CE standards. 

95 €

Headlight brakets for BMW NineT

Headlight brackets for BMW NineT, for M8 side fixation. The brackets are designed and manufactured at BAAK's workshop in France, perfect to fit a BAAK headlight on your motorcycle.

Only available in satin black only. 60mm length, it's designed so it suits the fork tubes diameter of the BMW NineT Pure, Scrambler, Racer and Urban GS.

125 €

Wheel arch for BMW NineT

Aluminium wheel arch for BMW NineT. This wheel arch enables get a perfect finish result once your rear fender is removed. It's equipped with a LED taillight, it comes with its plug & play wiring harness for taillight, and its fixation kit.

It's satin black powder coat painted so it resists over the years.

Suitable for BMW R NineT Standard, Pure, Scrambler, Racer and Urban GS. 

125 €

Battery box for BMW NineT airbox removal

Battery box for BMW NineT. This aluminium battery box is particularly useful to remove your original air box and keep your original battery. Designed and manufactured by our team, it's satin black powder coated. It comes with all the necessary stainless steel screwing hardware. 

Suitable for BMW R NineT Standard, Pure, Scrambler, Racer and Urban GS.

170 €

Street Bar handlebars for BMW NineT

BMW NineT Street Bar handlebar n°1 for BMW NineT. This Street Bar style handlebar has 28,6mm clamping diameter and 810mm width. It's wider and less high than the original handlebar which provides a more sporty riding position.

This handlebar fits the original cables and hoses of the BMW NineT. Available in satin black finish only.

115 €

Street Bar handlebars with leather protection for BMW NineT

Street Bar handlebars with crossbar and leather foam protection. This handlebar is 22mm diameter on grips and 28,6mm diameter on clamps area. Its design offers a sporty riding position, it's wider than your original BMW NineT handlebar to provide a better handling. It's only available in satin black powder coat painting. 

Available with Black, Aged brown, Gold or Ruby leather protection.

160 €

Air filters for BMW NineT

Air filters for BMW R NineT. The assembly of this pair of air filters enables you to visually lighten your NineT by removing the airbox. These filters can be easily removed from the motorcycle to get washed and keep all its qualities.

Available in black only, it comes with stainless steel collars.

150 €

Classic round mirror for BMW NineT

Classic round mirror for BMW NineT. This black Ø100mm mirror offers a perfect finish while remaining discreet. It gives a great rear view and can be fitted on both right or left sides on the NineT thanks to the provided adapters. 

It can be adjusted thanks to its articulated 135m long shaft and to the kneecap of the mirror. 

This mirror is sold per unit.

45 €

Bates headlight bracket for BMW NineT

Bates headlight fixation bracket for BMW NineT, required to assemble a lower fixation headlight on your motorcycle.

Made out of aluminium (3mm thick), it's black powder coat painted. Available in black finish only. Fits the original screws you can re-use. Comes with its aluminium strut.

25 €

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