Mini front mudguard for Moto Guzzi

Mini front fender for Moto Guzzi, short and wide, it's perfect to improve the front of your motorcycle while keeping a good protection.

Pre-drilled to fit perfectly with the Moto Guzzi V7 original fender supports. This stainless steel part is handcrafted at our workshop in France.

110 €

Mini universal rear fender

Mini universal rear fender, made in stainless steel. Comes with a license plate support and a license plate lightning. Product handcrafted in our workshop. 

This rear fender isn't drilled so you can adapt it on the motorcycle of your choice. Measures : 445 x 175mm.

265 €

Brushed TT mudguard for Triumph

Rear fender equipped with a taillight, a license plate bracket and a flashing fixation.

Its square shape gives it a perfect all-terrain look for Scrambler.
For Bonneville / Scrambler / Thruxton from 1999 to today.

Designed and handcrafted in the workshop BAAK in France.

295 €

License plate support for Thruxton

Short license plate support for Triumph Thruxton 1200. More discreet than the original one, it's equipped with an UE approved taillight and a license plate lightning. 

This part is handcrafted at our workshop. It's easy to assemble in place of the original part and is plug & play on your original wiring harness. Compatible with Triumph original and Accessories parts.

255 €

300x125mm universal brushed front fender

Short and wide front fender / mudguard, perfect for a cafe racer, scrambler or bobber project. The fender is not pre-drilled. It's up to you to drill your holes to fit on your bike. 

Measurements : 300x125mm and 440x125mm

Available finish:

  • Brushed
  • Satin Black
  • To be painted - epoxy primer
  • Glossy black
  • Polished

This front mudguard is handcrafted at our workshop in France.

89 €

License plate support for original fender

License plate support with its tail light, for Triumph Bonneville - Scrambler - Thruxton original fender. Comes in place of the original block.

The mini turn signals are optional, it includes two pairs of turn signals, can be set in classic position or on the shock absorber axis. 

Designed and manufactured in our workshop in France.

135 €

Beringer braking kit

Beringer complete front braking kit for Triumph. This kit is composed of a radial 4 pistons caliper, an Aeronal Classic disk, a clutch control and a master cylinder. It garantees an better braking feeling and an improved power during every braking action.
The quality of these elements assures a great look for your motorbike. It's possible to buy each element of the kit separately. 

475 €

V7 Ohlins fork

The best kind Conventional forks.

We are specially developed for adaptation V7.
-TE Upper + lower fork machined aluminum.
-Column Steering machined stainless steel.
-Douilles Wheel axle machined aluminum.
-platin Fixing stretched brake machined aluminum.
Mud-guard of aluminum.
progressive -Ressorts
-Pattes Light attachment.

5 900 €

Wide fork Té for Triumph

Wide fork té kit for Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Thruxton. 10mm wider than the original ones.

Required for mounting a 16" wheel at the front, and a 5.00" tire.

Geometry modified improves handling and compensate the big front tire !

630 €

Engine spoiler for V7

Aluminum laser cut engine protection / sump guard for your Moto Guzzi V7 I. Matt black painting. BAAK engine guard allows you to protect the lower motor projections of the front wheel. 

We designed it to give a bird's forward line, and give a chunky lok to the V7.

This skid plate is handmade in France by BAAK. This part doesn't suit V7 II.

145 €

Leather saddlebag for Royal Enfield

Side leather saddlebag for Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet. This discreet saddlebag is handcrafted at our workshop.  It enables you to transport some objetcs and matches well with the distinguished retro look of your Royal Enfield. 

The bag is attached on a steel chrome plated battery cover and comes in place of your original one.

189 €

Universal leather saddlebag

Universal leather side saddlebag for motorcycle. Handcrafted at our workshop, it enable you to bring some objects while you ride, and gives a great vintage look to your motorcycle. 

The bottom of the saddle is pre-drilled (120mm enter-axis) so you can assemble it easily on your bike. The necessary fixation screwing is supplied.

125 €

Leather saddlebag for Triumph T120, T100, Street Twin

Side leather saddlebag for Triumph Bonneville T120, T100 (from 2016) and Street Twin. This saddlebag is handcrafted in our workshop in the same leather as our seats. It enables you to transport some objetcs and gives a retro distinguished look to your bike.

It comes mounting on a black satin painted aluminium plate that comes in place of your original side cover. 

195 €

Leather saddlebag for V7 - Aged brown color

Side leather saddlebag for Moto Guzzi V7 I and V7 II. This saddlebag is handcrafted at the workshop in the same leather as our saddles. It enables you to transport some objetcs and gives a retro distinguished look to your bike.

It comes mounting on a black satin painted aluminium plate that comes in place of your original side cover. An additional one can be ordered in option for the other side.

231 €

Leather saddle for Triumph Street Twin

This classic ribbed leather saddle for Triumph Street Twin is handmade by ourself at the workshop. It's 2,5cm narrower than the original one, which considerably improves the look of your Triumph. We use an high quality french leather to handcraft this seat. 

The 6cm foam thickness gives a good comfort and a flat saddle look.

The seat lock system is preserved.

585 €

Leather saddle for Triumph

Significantly increases the level of finish of your Triumph. Developed and manufactured entirely in the BAAK workshop in France.

Much narrower than the original (-2.5cm), it has a perfect thickness to keep comfort (6cm) and style. This saddle comes with a free BAAK special cream to maintain the leather in good shape.

We can do this work on your original Triumph saddle.

485 €

Leather care cream

This cream is a nourishing milk. It penetrates and nourishes the leather. You can use it for your saddles but also for your other leather products : shoes, jackets, gloves, saddlebags, etc.

18 €

Aluminium side cover for Triumph

Side cover for Triumph, made in aluminium and painted with a black satin epoxy painting. It replaces your original side covers. These parts will bring a strongest look to your motorcycle, using noble material.

Comes in pairs, with left and right fixation. Designed and manufactured in our workshop in France.

130 €

License plate bracket for Bellagio

Support license plate aluminum with plate lighting. (connection to the pod origne).
Easy installation.
Exists only moire full.
Also for Griso.

Accessories designed and handmade in our workshop in France.

295 €

License plate bracket for Griso

Support license plate aluminum with plate light and turn signals (power pod of origne).
Easy installation.

Comes with an extra pair of blinkers for the front.

Exists only moire full.
Also for Bellagio.

Accessories designed and handmade in our workshop in France.

345 €

Jantes 16″

16" wheels for Moto Guzzi V7. We have developed a solution to fit your 16" V7 rims, to give it a real bobber look !

They are used to mount the tire 130 at the front and at the back 140.

The wheels circles and hubs are aluminium black satin painted, the spokes are stainless steel ones. 

1 880 €

Amortisseurs Hagon

Here is the classic version of the bi-Hagon shock absorbers. Suspensions that will improve the dynamic behavior of your motorbike.

Available in original size, or short version, for Triumph Bonneville / Thruxton / Scrambler and for Moto Guzzi V7.

Give priority to 2WIN shock absorbers for better performances.

229 €

Shocks Big-Body Bonneville

We developed this new custom large diameter shocks especially for Triumph motorcycles. This is the biggest shock absorbers available for Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler : Ø80mm.

These shocks give a chunky look, which is great if you have a wide tire on your motorbike. This is the standard equipment of our Dandy and Bonnie Bonneville Classic.

Longevity 100 000km. Comes in pair of two shocks.

499 €

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